EVERY EMOTION AND EVERY THOUGHT IS HELD IN THE BODY UNTIL IT IS CONSCIOUSLY RELEASED. A deeply rooted feeling, such as feeling abandoned or betrayed by those we love, or a deep rooted belief, such as a belief in lack, is the result of repeated insults to our emotional well being. With the transformational healing processes available to us today, we have the opportunity to heal ourselves at all levels with forgiveness, compassion, acceptance, and love. Healing restores balance and vitality to the body/mind complex, awakens our creativity and puts us in touch with our true power.  


Gina Castellano is a transformational healer in private practice in Houston since 1990

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. She is a certified practitioner in the following modalities:

  • New Decision Therapy
  • Cantillation
  • Soul Retrieval & Shamanic Healing
  • The Bodytalk System
  • Black Sect Feng Shui


Gina has a Master’s Degree and is a licensed minister.


To learn more about the modalities that Gina works with, please watch her latest interview with Char Margolis, Internationally Renowned Intuitive Medium: