Free to Be Inspired

nurturing inspiration


I want to circle back for a moment to the last post about being free to be yourself. When we accept ourselves as is, we loosen the ties binding us to an image of who we should be. For example, a young woman who is proud of her polite and friendly demeanor became impatient and spoke rudely to a co-worker. She felt bad about it and even wondered if she was a bad person. In the past, she would have called a friend to describe the situation, hoping to justify her behavior. Or she would feel guilty and worry about how she could fix herself so it didn’t happen again. But this time, we were working together using a process to release the emotional impact of the incident and to replace it with positive affirmation to boost self-esteem. She tried affirming to herself, “I love myself, even when I’m ornery” and it was a revelation for her. She discovered she could feel good about herself even when she was not on her “best” behavior.  She apologized to her co-worker and truly let it go. When we can appreciate our sense of self as fluid and multifaceted, we can avoid getting stuck in a momentary judgement.

Attuning to Ourselves

A wonderful paradox occurs when we become comfortable with who we are: We also become ripe with possibilities for change and growth. As Abraham-Hicks describes it, as we affirm “I am where I am and that’s okay” we are also constantly transitioning to the next who/what/where to affirm once again.

When we accept ourselves we become attuned to ourselves and this encourages the voice of inspiration to guide us. The best way to do this is with exercises that allow us to create space for listening. Here’s a fun one from The Journey to Your Dream. (Click here to purchase this book). Start with the 99 Things to Be, Do and Have. I suggest 99 things because we all have a certain number of desires we can easily identify, such as enough money to pay the bills, cooperative coworkers, that pretty bedroom you saw in a home decorating magazine. Those are good desires, of course. Yet, when we go beyond those—keep expanding the boundaries of what we desire—we find the juice, the gold of our desires and inspiration ignites!

I like to experiment with how I make my list. Sometimes I list items as quickly as I can, without much conscious thought. Other times, I’m more deliberate by choosing areas of life and listing desires that pertain to each area. It’s fun to find your own way to work with this exercise.

When we accept ourselves unconditionally, we become attuned to our true selves therefore giving voice to our inspiration. In this way, we can discover and create the life we truly desire.