Guided Journal

If you are used to living in your “Desire Comfort Zone” where you only allow yourself to want things you think you can obtain with some effort, then you are ready to create space to fully explore your desires, reach the borderline of the comfort zone, and cross over into new territory. The “Journey to Your Dream Process” provides the framework to gently recognize and change habits and beliefs that prevent you from opening up to more expansive possibilities for your life. You may also retrieve lost aspects of yourself, and the dreams that go with them, that have gone underground.


Know that if others have learned to create their lives deliberately, you can do it too. (Click here to read testimonials.) Be inspired to imagine and believe in unlimited possibility as you continue to create the love and life you truly desire.


In The Journey to Your Dream Guided Journal, you will discover:

  • 13 powerful processes to make your intentions your reality
  • How to push past internal self-defeating beliefs and into the truth of possibilities
  • The “68 Second Magic” to manifest your dreams
  • A simple strategy to reach beyond what you believe is possible
  • The secret to creating abundance in your life today
  • How to manage your life when circumstances do not match your desires
  • A proven step-by-step guide to expand your vision for your new life
  • How to turn envy into your own richness
  • The Subconscious Method to allow deeply buried desires to come to life
  • How to align with the forces of nature to create your own deliberately rich life