Transformational Healing

New Decision Therapy
New Decision Therapy releases trauma from the cells of the body and imprints the cells with a new decision to be healthy, happy and fully alive. A trauma is any painful or frightening experience—whether it’s rejection, betrayal, abandonment or humiliation. Painful patterns and self-limiting beliefs are the result of trauma. When we release trauma from the body, we are also able to release patterns and beliefs that do not serve us. Those who have experienced NDT report a shift in their inner state and outer experience with 24 to 72 hours after a session, beginning within their first session.


Each of us comes to this earth with a specific purpose to fulfill. The process of Cantillation allows us to release mental and emotional blocks to living our purpose. When we are cantillating, we are in sync with our soul’s frequency. In this state, miracles happen.


The Intensive
New Decision Therapy is quantum healing because the results are almost instantaneous. The Intensive is quantum healing squared because it is the full course of this work compressed into a few days. The Intensive package offers the maximum amount of healing in the minimum amount of time. The work can be done in as few as three days and at the location of your choice, even if you live outside of Houston.


Specific Purpose Intensives
Intensives can also be done with very specific intentions. For example, an intensive to prepare for a major life change—such as marriage, having a child, beginning a new career or relationship. These intensives usually involve three sessions done within a few days.


The BodyTalk System
BodyTalk taps into body wisdom—that which knows how to heal the body at all levels. This innate wisdom can even tell us what systems, organs, parts of the body need to be treated and in what order. The BodyTalk System is a systems approach to holistic healing. Specific safe and non-invasive treatments help the body to synchronize its activities, heal and restore balance.


The advanced protocols of the BodyTalk System address beliefs, attitudes and states of awareness as they relate to health and overall emotional well being. Further advanced consciousness work addresses obstacles to our inner peace—such concepts as Space/Time, Guilt and Separation. Advanced treatments assist us in the unfolding of our personal and spiritual growth and move us into recognition of our natural state of inner peace.


BodyTalk effectively treats a range of physical, emotional and consciousness issues and may be used to complement and augment other healing modalities.


Soul Retrieval
This process retrieves parts of the self that have been lost as a result of trauma. When pieces leave, they take with them vital qualities, such as trust or joy. By the time we’re 30 years old, most of us have lost at least half a dozen pieces. Under the best circumstances, the growing up process is traumatic! Soul Retrieval grounds us and restores vitality, courage and personal power.


Deliberate Creation
This program, based on the secret of deliberate creation by Abraham-Hicks*, is designed to assist you in developing the Art of Allowing. This unique and personalized pre-paving program will get you into alignment with your deepest desires, accelerate your rate of allowing and remove conscious and unconscious obstacles to creating what you want. Private one-hour sessions and monthly group teleconferences support you in your process. Learn to create true prosperity, fulfilling and supportive relationships, facilitate body mind healing, and live an inspired life. Why? Because life is meant to be fun!


*Based on The Teachings of Abraham