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Nurturing Inspiration

nurturing inspiration

“If nature is never bound down, nor the voice of inspiration stifled, that is enough.”
—Margaret Fuller


This quote proposes an elegantly simple formula: The freedom to be yourself + free flowing inspiration = fulfillment. As an activist and barrier-breaking journalist in the early 1800’s, Fuller recognized that if everyone has opportunities to follow their heart, then inspired action will follow and the world is better for it. We can use this formula to enhance our own experiences.


Free to Be Yourself


Honestly, that phrase alone used to make me tense. Some well-meaning advisor could say, “Just be yourself” and I would shift from “being” myself to “judging” myself in an instant. That would lead to an internal audit with a long punch list of traits and habits that I need to fix to be better at being myself. Consequently, whatever I was trying to accomplish would be complicated by that state of mind and not nearly as much fun. To be fair, when someone tells you to be yourself they most likely mean, “Don’t worry. You have the skills and character to do the task at hand.” And that’s great advice. In fact, it is a reminder that what we really need to do is free our true nature. There’s nothing to be done to “be yourself.” You’re doing it already! You really can’t avoid it. Breathe a big sigh of relief and acknowledge that right now, whatever you’re doing, however you’re doing it, that is who you are, and the world is better for it.


I would love to hear from you about your own experiences and explorations of being yourself.


In our next post, we will explore what it means to follow the free flow of inspiration. In the meantime, you can set the flow of inspiration in motion by doing a few simple, fun and effective exercises from my guided journal, The Journey to Your Dream. I wrote this journal for the purpose of helping people live inspired lives. You may purchase the journal by clicking here or contacting me.


All the best, Gina