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Nurturing Inspiration

nurturing inspiration

“If nature is never bound down, nor the voice of inspiration stifled, that is enough.”
—Margaret Fuller


This quote proposes an elegantly simple formula: The freedom to be yourself + free flowing inspiration = fulfillment. As an activist and barrier-breaking journalist in the early 1800’s, Fuller recognized that if everyone has opportunities to follow their heart, then inspired action will follow and the world is better for it. We can use this formula to enhance our own experiences.


Free to Be Yourself


Honestly, that phrase alone used to make me tense. Some well-meaning advisor could say, “Just be yourself” and I would shift from “being” myself to “judging” myself in an instant. That would lead to an internal audit with a long punch list of traits and habits that I need to fix to be better at being myself. Consequently, whatever I was trying to accomplish would be complicated by that state of mind and not nearly as much fun. To be fair, when someone tells you to be yourself they most likely mean, “Don’t worry. You have the skills and character to do the task at hand.” And that’s great advice. In fact, it is a reminder that what we really need to do is free our true nature. There’s nothing to be done to “be yourself.” You’re doing it already! You really can’t avoid it. Breathe a big sigh of relief and acknowledge that right now, whatever you’re doing, however you’re doing it, that is who you are, and the world is better for it.


I would love to hear from you about your own experiences and explorations of being yourself.


In our next post, we will explore what it means to follow the free flow of inspiration. In the meantime, you can set the flow of inspiration in motion by doing a few simple, fun and effective exercises from my guided journal, The Journey to Your Dream. I wrote this journal for the purpose of helping people live inspired lives. You may purchase the journal by clicking here or contacting me.


All the best, Gina

Recognizing Inspiration

When something speaks our truth, we have a physical response: a gasp, sudden tears, a rush of adrenaline, a desire to move. Emotionally, we may have a rush of excitement or an immediate sense of calm or sudden clarity.  Sometimes it feels like an awakening, seeing a task or an area of your life with fresh eyes. There is an obvious shift mentally and physically.


Inspiration can be identified by its inclination to show up in the most unlikely places. It’s the answer that can be triggered by virtually anything (a song lyric, a chance comment, ad copy, a dream, a flavor, a smell, a wrong turn) that seems to spring fully formed “out of nowhere,” yet feels like a perfect fit. While we can feel inspired by a variety of sources and circumstances, it will only impact our lives when we take action.


Using Inspiration to Enrich Your Life


Here is one of my favorite examples of inspiration in action.  During a discussion about Pixar films, one woman shared the most uplifting story about how Up changed her life. She had dreamt of travel but had never left her hometown. At thirty-seven, seeing that movie felt like a wake-up call and she decided that it was time to start living the life she wanted. Her husband refused to go with her so she made plans to travel alone. Within six months she was on her way to Barcelona. Within five years she was a world traveler with a new husband and friends who shared her sense of adventure. What a wonderful example of living an inspired life!


Millions watched Up. How many felt so moved by the story to change their lives? How many felt inspired to change by the story but suppressed the call to action? How many took a daring leap of faith like this young woman? All because of an animated movie made for kids!


Inspiration is a catalyst. The good news is it usually includes a very clear sense of what to do next. The tricky part is following through. In future posts we will explore ways to make the most of our inspiring moments and how to release limiting thoughts and behaviors. For today, let’s focus on the quickest way to allow a more inspired approach to life.


When you recognize an inspirational force, take some action, no matter how small. And make note of it on your calendar or in your journal. Then see what unfolds. Just study it like an amateur scientist. How did it make you feel? Did anything else pop up relevant to this subject? Is there another small step you could take? Can you imagine taking a big step? What would that look like? How would it feel?


It’s okay to ease into inspired living or to jump in with both feet. The right way is the way that brings you joy.


I welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions! Please let us know what inspires you and how you recognize those moments that speak your truth.