Helped me through so many seemingly impossible situations!
I want to thank Gina for all of the work she does to help people. She has helped me through so many seemingly impossible situations. I’ve found all of her methods helpful. Also I find it powerful when Gina facilitates the women’s get togethers, as it gives us a chance to relate to others, encourage each other, and re-set our focus. Every time we work together I leave her office feeling at peace with my life. She is really making a difference, and I tell my friends about the good work she does.Thank you, Gina!


Stop wasting time and energy!
Since I met Gina, I am much more aware of what I need to do and how to stop wasting time and energy. I had been going to other therapists but one session with her is like 5 sessions with someone else. Its cleansing to my spirit… I wish I had met her a long time ago…


She helped me focus on what I needed to do and I did it. I go for different types of therapy and she decides what I need (what do I know). Each time I go to her it’s a new awareness and I have a more positive outlook that prepares me for the next opportunity.


I highly recommend her to anyone she is wonderful!


A tremendously positive difference in my life!
I have been seeing Gina for New Decision Therapy and Deliberate Creation for about a year, and I get remarkable benefit from each and every session. She is a master at helping me zero in on what the real issue is, and then work through it. During our sessions she tells me ideas she has had for me prior to the session, and she shares her own processes when they are most helpful. I feel her insight and caring is unmatched, and she is making a tremendously positive difference in my life.


Blueprint to Design Your Life
The Journey to Your Dream is a grand process to help identify and create everything you desire, rather than just a random group of activities to make your life a little better. Its beauty is in the way it leads you through the process, beginning with your becoming completely aware of your desires; then systematically working through the manifestation of those desires, clearing obstacles and old beliefs to open the path; and then returning to more possibilities for manifestation.  Magic.


One of the foundation elements of the Journal is the Blueprint, which is the design for your life to come.  In developing your Blueprint, you look at the ways you’ve modified or abandoned your dreams, the adjustments you make to accommodate others.  That last one was a complete breakthrough for me – all the little ways I shift and adjust my own desires to allow for the desires of others.  We learned as children to put others first, which is a worthy and admirable way to be, but then it becomes like a chronic condition where we do it without even thinking, almost a reflex.  What I was able to see was my own desires, one-by-one, day-by-day, being pushed aside so I would be a nice person, a giving person, a pleasant person.  And I also saw that I don’t have to give up myself to be loving, that I can and should expect my desires to matter, to be respected by me, and to be fulfilled.  It’s amazing how an awareness like that can change your world.


Forgiveness is such a powerful way to heal ones self.
I am a mother of 4 children and married for 10 years when I first met Gina, my marriage was falling apart but worse, I was in shambles. My husband and I had heard of Gina and wanted to save our marriage, at least that was the goal… however, I ended up saving myself! I had lost my identity as a person and lost sight of my self worth. I fell in love with Gina the first time we met, which meant I was comfortable to proceed in healing myself with Gina being my guide. I tend to do New Decision Therapy when I have a session. I remember the first time I had a session and the wonderful feeling I had when I left her office that day… that feeling still exists every time I see her. Forgiveness is such a powerful way to heal ones self. For it is truly for your own benefit and not for the other person. Two years later, I can hold my head high and know I am a wonderful woman, I am more confident, have a zest for life again, I have gotten my identity back and now in the middle of a divorce. Divorce is a good decision for me in my life, and I am excited to experience and journey in which I am about to embark. I can not say enough wonderful things of Gina and cannot express my gratitude enough for her guidance and sound presence. I now look forward to what tomorrow brings!!!!


Unlock a potential…
After years of searching for a mentor that has the ability to hone in on primal needs, I have found her!


Gina’s precise intuition and knowledge has given me the key to unlock a potential that I knew existed, but wasn’t sure how to access. With thoughtful suggestion and direction, Gina has guided me into an area of my life and existence that has given me a level of daily joy I have not enjoyed before now. I happily recommend Gina’s expertise to anyone wanting to achieve fulfillment and peace in their life.


New Growth and Attainment
Having worked with Gina for many years, I was delighted to read and complete the assignments in The Journey to Your Dream. For me, it was an additional method of growth and attainment that brought me some surprises along the way. Having to write down and remember how my thought patterns have affected who I am today was an eye-opening experience. I have always used Gina’s techniques to get what I want, continue my quest for personal growth, and to help facilitate Abraham’s work into my daily life. I am very confident that the techniques listed in the journal can bring the same success to anyone who uses them.


Never underestimate the power of deliberate creation!
I had a really profound experience with your latest program centered around the Deliberate Creation work. Guess you could say a shift occurred for me because I am now reaping huge benefits from the program. Example: I have a much better idea of what I want out of my life and am taking a few short minutes each day to visit those desires and they are quickly translating into reality. Never again will I underestimate the power of deliberate creation. I am a believer!


Creativity gains focus and direction.
I recently had a Feng Shui consultation with Gina. I had been avoiding a consultation, because I thought it would entail having to totally rearrange everything in my apartment. It turned out that all the changes I needed to make were very subtle and were easily done in just a few hours. The most significant changes occurred in the area of creativity. I am a singer/musical composer, so creativity is especially important to me. Gina identified some energy leaks in that area. As soon as I made the appropriate adjustments, I felt my creative energy coming alive. I then was able to easily create a website to display my musical compositions, which is a project I had been thinking about doing for years but had never been able to follow through until the session with Gina.
Karen B.


A seemingly small change makes a huge difference in overall well being.
I can truly say that my life has changed for the better since Gina did a Feng Shui analysis of my home. The Feng Shui cures and adjustments Gina recommended were simple to do, yet very powerful. We actually rearranged a few pieces of furniture, including moving my bed to the other side of the room. It seems like a small thing, but in fact it made a huge difference in how I sleep and in my overall sense of well being. The day after we moved one piece of furniture from my career section, my phone started ringing with business opportunities. The whole process made me so much more aware of the different areas of my life and the things I can do to enhance them. I wholeheartedly recommend Feng Shui for your home or business.
Randi P.


With Feng Shui, clutter falls away.
After months of feeling stuck, ideas for various creative projects are streaming in so fast I must keep a notebook handy to capture them all. And the clutter is flowing out with equal ease. All this from clarifying my life intention and strategically applying a few simple Feng Shui cures. This is terrific! Thanks again, Gina!
Gloria S.


The Best Thing We Can Do
My favorite line from Gina’s guided journal, The Journey to Your Dream, is “The best thing we can do for the people we love and the world at large – is to be happy, to be in love, to be prosperous, to be excited about life, to be creatively alive.” I’m in! The Journal and the workshop provide so many beautiful processes to remind me I am on the path of happiness, love and prosperity, and the more I focus on deliberately creating that experience the more I enjoy a life that pleases me and blesses others. Gina’s coaching has had a tremendous impact on my life, and “The Journey to Your Dream Process” is a valuable course of action that can be repeated again and again, taking me higher and higher in my vibration and guiding me in a way that serves me. I highly recommend Gina’s workshop and guided journal to all deliberate creators!


The phone hasn’t stopped ringing since!
We had a Feng Shui consultation with Gina in our chiropractic office in October of last year. Upon her recommendations we made minor adjustments throughout our office. It wasn’t until the beginning of this year that we added a fountain in the career section of our lobby. The phone hasn’t stopped ringing since! We’ve more than doubled the number of new patients in the month of January of this year compared to last, and the trend has continued for February.
Dr. Dan, John and Christine


Feng Shui works when selling a house.
Thanks so much for the feng shui consult to help us sell our house. After not having any showings in 2-1/2 months, we had two showings this week. My husband and I were both impressed – thank you so much. I have every confidence that the house will sell soon. I really appreciate your expertise.
Thanks, Kristie


Nothing short of miraculous!
I just thought I would take this time to thank you for changing my life through the few sessions we had together. Your means and methods of resolving issues are nothing short of miraculous. If I had not experienced the instant results in my own life, I would not have believed it. Resolving issues with you has to be experienced, no amount of explanation can reveal how you do what you do. I think, for me, the method of removing issues within yourself is second only to your genuine passion for your work. I felt at ease in every discussion leading to problem solving. You make a person feel so secure and relaxed that feelings and expressions just seem to come out in what appears to be general conversation. I have been going to “regular” therapy for over 30 years off and on with Counselors and Psychiatrists with the same results as everyone else. One just accepts the standard phrases and explanations and automatically takes the medications prescribed with little or no results. There certainly are no great changes except maybe a better understanding of why you need the help in the first place. You are the greatest. Thanks so much for everything
John E.


Shifting Envy to Empowerment
In The Journey to Your Dream, the “When Your Life Experience Does Not Match Your Desire” activity was a subtle, yet powerful process for me. The area that I focused on was the feeling of envy. Specifically, the envy of other’s success and how easy it comes to them. The second day after completing it, I noticed a shift in how I saw the success of others.  It was no longer envy; it was empowerment! Somehow I had the sense that whatever others have, I can have too. The most important outcome was that I had the realization that I possess the abilities, knowledge and skills to create what it is I want. And, it can be easy. Gina outlined the process perfectly.  From the wording, the energy behind the words and the sheer joy of working in such a beautifully designed journal made it all perfect. I highly recommend this journal to anyone on a spiritual path.


Made such an immense difference in my life.
Woke up this morning feeling so grateful for knowing you, for your willingness to do the work you do, to put so much of yourself into perfecting your skills as a healer, and for all your help, love and direction. You’ve made such an immense difference in my life in a way that just keeps unfolding and growing. That keeps opening more and more avenues filled with joy and delightful surprises.